Rare Footage Of A Fight Between A Seal And An Octopus

Imagine living in a place like New Zealand. Seeing interesting wildlife—and unique landscapes—is probably completely normal to you. Living in a place like that, you’d think you’ve seen it all, or have you? Even for those living in places like America or Canada, where we watch animal documentaries regularly, seeing this kind of footage is just mind-blowing.

For New Zealander Connor Staple, seeing a seal completely destroying an octopus was incredible. He was kayaking close to the coastal town of Kaikoura earlier this week when he captured this crazy moment. According to Telegraph, the seal spent about 20 minutes attacking the unfortunate creature before tearing its legs off.

Connor is a tourist guide for Kaikoura Kayaks. He told the Telegraph: “It is quite rare to see something like this and rarer at this time of day-normally you would see New Zealand fur seals feeding in the evenings.” He new something was about to happen when he saw a flock of sea birds congregating close by.

He continued, saying: “the seal was shaking it like a staffy with its favorite chew toy. They have to rip the tentacles off before they eat them, otherwise, they stick to their throat and they have to throw it up and start again. They are literally dismembered.”

When you’re on vacation and doing a fun activity, like kayaking, you never really expect to see something crazy like this. You’re just happy doing the activity itself. Seeing something like this is just the icing on the cake.

Connor also told Telegraph “We always promise kayakers they will see seals, but every day is different. Everyone was interested and no one got hit by any flying bits of octopus.”

“You never get sick of going out on the water here. Every day is always different and there is always something to see. I was pretty stoked to get these photos.” Check out the video down below to see this incredible moment.

Source : naturalcureshouse.com

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